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Reader Tips

Here are some helpful hints and tips that our readers have submitted.

Banana ice cream

Name: Monica

Town: Sunbury on Thames

The BEST banana ice cream is made from nasty old blackening bananas. Usually destined for the bin, just skin them and put them in the freezer. When you fancy a nice dessert just take them out and put them in a food processor and whizz til creamy (this takes a while and you might need to use a spatula to push the mix down from time to time). This is now ready, but if you want to make it even more special add a couple of dollops of greek yoghurt, some cinammon and nutmeg and whizz again. Delicious either way and a perfect use for horrid old bananas!

Ordering the right amount of ingredients

Name: Dr Rebecca Litchfield from No.98 Limited (Handmade Couture Preserves)

As a local food business in Surrey, we take the issue of food waste very seriously. We are careful about making sure we order the correct amounts of ingredients and have pledged to not waste food that could be used. As a business making chutney, we are more than accustomed to using up gluts of fruit and vegetables to our advantage! We also try and compost as much as possible too.

Shopping in independents

Name: Ruth Lambert from The Larder farm shop at The Medicine Garden

Buy little and often. Shopping in independents often means you can buy smaller portion sizes so you don't have to worry about any extra waste.

My six top tips

Name: Ngaire Wadman

1. Never shop in a hurry or when you're hungry.

2. Always look through your cupboards, fridge before making a list of what needs replacing or what can go with what.

3. Keep food covered and chilled, especially in warm weather.

4. Freeze leftovers in single portions and label them.

5. Go through your freezer every six months and make a 'mystery dish' with anything that needs using up.

6. Run down the contents of your fridge before going away on holiday -  you'll survive with a couple of empty fridge shelves.

How to use up veg before a holiday

Name: Maureen Crabb

Town: Banstead

I normally give any perishable food to my daughter before a holiday but this was not possible as we were all going on holiday together. I therefore cooked all my veg in the vegetable basket before going on a ten day holiday (potatoes, onions, carrots, curly kale) mashed it up into bubble and squeak and froze it in portions.

I also freeze any left overs from a takeaway and use it later for lunches when I'm on my own. I also freeze the crusts cut off of my grandchildren's sandwiches and use them to make bread pudding when I have enough.

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