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Every day in Surrey we throw away two shed loads of bananas.

Also each month, the average family throws away almost £60 of good food that was bought but not eaten.

Love Food Surrey is the online home of a campaign to encourage the county's residents to reduce food waste - something that can save money on the monthly shopping bill, as well as helping the environment.

But for the waste you can't avoid you can use your local food waste collection service. So waste less, and caddy the rest.

Facebook app


If you have some recipes for leftovers you want to share, upload them to the Love Food Surrey Facebook app.

You can share your recipe with your friends and ‘like’ your favourite recipes too. This will also help to spread the word about how easy it is to make meals from leftover food.

The facebook app also has hints and tips on reducing food waste to take a look at.

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Do you have a great hint or tip about storing or reusing food that you would like to share? Tell us and we'll pin it on our site.

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